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Data Centre Infrastructure

Everything we do at Global Switch is built on the most advanced, robust infrastructure in our industry. Our data centres operate to a Tier III+ standard and we are continually investing to ensure we are delivering resilient and energy efficient solutions.

Our entire critical infrastructure is managed and monitored using highly sophisticated Building Management Systems which enable our on-site facilities management team to scrutinize all key components - from power and cooling to security and access. These systems are backed by 24x7x365 on-site security and also by our mechanical and electrical support teams.



We secure power at the highest possible voltage from the region's utility company, back up by on-site standby power generation.

Our systems are designed to ensure robust resilience with ‘no-break’ IT power and feature equipment protected by Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (both static and diesel). We invest in our power infrastructure continually, and our new developments typically hold two units in operational redundancy. We have a policy of pass-through electricity costs based on consumption only.


Our leading edge cooling systems are designed to be highly resilient and energy efficient, with a general policy of providing N+2 redundancy. Where feasible, we have adopted the proposals by ASHRAE to elevate the suite temperature and operate in a wider band of temperature so as to achieve for our customers high levels of energy savings and thus lower PUE’s.

In all our new developments, free-cooling is provided where the climate is suitable to ensure that the system operates at the lowest energy consumption. In all locations, we work with you to optimise your equipment lay-out, balance airflows and deliver constant temperatures and humidity.

Power Cooling


Security is paramount at Global Switch, from the foundation of our new developments to the continual improvement of our existing data centres through advances in technology and operational enhancements. Our aim is to provide an ultra-secure environment for our customers.

Our approach is based on the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) guide to data centre security. Perimeter alarms, sophisticated entry systems, CCTV and video intercoms, highly trained security personnel – we take every conceivable measure to ensure we are delivering a robust and complete security solution across our portfolio.

All of our data centres are staffed by security personnel 24x7x365 and our processes and procedures form a key part of our ISO 27001:2013 certification.


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Our data centres offer truly diverse building entry points (up to a maximum of eight) with multiple ducts connected to the carrier's external infrastructure. These are capable of supporting numerous optical fibre lead in cables facilitating present and future growth.

Diverse MMRs are able to support carrier lead in cables, submarine cable exchanges, structured cabling demarcation points and mobile phone equipment areas.

Diverse cable pathway infrastructure from MMRs to all corridors, communications risers and customer suites supporting structured cabling and bespoke customer requirements.

Resilient connectivity solutions and interconnects at each of our data centres are crucial to our customers' business continuity. Accordingly, we ensure that all cable installations are managed with optimum care and expertise. Find out more about our cross connect and other value services.

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