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Carrier Neutral Data Centres

The need for fast, secure connectivity in today's world is immense and ever-growing, from business and government to our online social lives. At Global Switch, our carrier and cloud neutral data centres have evolved to meet that need, creating a thriving ecosystem on our open platform where businesses can connect seamlessly with telcos, ISPs, cloud providers and peers.

* Carrier and cloud neutral
data centres
  • Low latency gateways to the world's largest internet and cloud services
  • An abundance of connectivity service providers across our large-scale data centres

What sets Global Switch apart is the scale of the community within our ecosystem – giving customers the ability to access hundreds of leading providers, and unlocking the greatest value for their business. All while knowing that everything is underpinned by Global Switch’s infrastructure which delivers unrivalled resilience, speed and security.

  • An array of companies and government organisations seamlessly interconnecting
  • Cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM Cloud available
* Resilience, speed
and security